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My 4020 revival(hopefully)

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Hello, I'm new and this is my first question.

A friend has this and he is giving it to me for free to free up his yard where it has sat still for 5 years since the engine blew. It doesnt look real bad, it looks to be original and complete and not bent up frame wise or anything. I know for like a couple of thousand I can get one of these that run and look better and it's not like this is a real old tractor classic, but man, it looks cool.
My approach is to look it over real good, note broken things or missing things, see if I can get the engine to turn over by hand(has a cylinder head loosened up) go from there. In a perfect world I am hoping for a light rebuild on the engine, some paint and all good.

Or maybe this is a parts machine and not worth the effort.that is why I am here. Seeing these pictures, would any of you bother with this tractor in this condition? or should I part it out.. The price is free so I won't be out nothing.

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Welcome to the CCI forum Eric. The 4020 will be a great tractor for you when your done. Please keep us posted on your work, we all love the pics. ✌Harry
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Robert “Boomer” Kummer 651-437-2826. ✌Harry
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Eric looks to me like your going to have a terrific GT when you complete it. Please keep the posts and pics coming. Thanks (y)✌Harry
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Could you take off the valve spring then work the valve up and down in the guide? Maybe the valve stem is scored. I’ve freed a stuck valve stem by cleaning up the stem. Then check the lifter for clearance in the lifter bore to see if it’s sticking. ✌ Harry
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