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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on here for some time, and finally got time to take a picture of my 648 that I picked up on CL a couple months ago. I have the picture, but I can't see on here where you can insert them from your computer. I live in Galesburg, Illinois and it was for sale here in town. I primarily use it to run a Danuser log splitter and drag logs around, which it does very well. It has been repowered with a Kohler Command from a Cub Cadet, but whoever did it didn't get around to connecting the battery charging wires from the engine, so I have to charge the battery after a few starts. Oh well. Having been a past instructor of Industrial Electricity and teaching an Industrial Hydraulics course at our community college here for 7-1/2 years, I might get lucky and figure out how this beast works. The use of motor oil for hydraulic fluid is weird, but I guess Case may have figured it would be easier for homeowner types to keep from getting the wrong fluid in the system, and melting all of the seals away. I would imagine there is some type of real hydraulic fluid out there which could replace it, but I haven't had time to research it. The banana plate thingy for the forward/reverse travel must have been delegated to a new graduate engineer or something, because its hokey as hell. I'm not interested in re-engineering it, just put some graphite whatever on it and keep going. The oil cooler setup with the fan driven off of the engine is good in theory, but not good for keeping a hydraulic system cool. The engine is variable speed, which in turn makes the fan variable speed, which equates to varying amounts of air going through the cooler. Couple that with no shroud and a good windy day and it ain't cooling much. I think a small 12v fan with an adjustable thermostat like I have on my street rod would improve things a lot, along with a shroud. Anyhow, I really like this tractor, and have found many uses for it. The rear end carrier bolt thing doesn't sound good, so I will probably tear into it someday before it destroys itself. Hopefully, the lady behind the desk who gets on here alot about these tractors will have some ideas about a real fan and shroud to help keep the oil cool. Have a good one! Matt

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Matt : Welcome to the site, we're glad you joined! :usa: :usa: :usa: And congratulations on the 648! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Please feel at home here, we have a great membership. Be sure to take a look at our Technical Library and Tractor FAQs on the Board Index. To post pictures please take a look at this help topic:


There are more general FAQs up top on how to use the site.

Look forward to pics of your tractor and talking on site.

:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich

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Welcome to our little corner of the internet, Matt.

I would suggest that you get the serial number off the ID plate on your tractor and then visit the Library so you can find the correct Parts Manual. That manual will have a wiring pictorial in it. Not quite the same as a true schematic but it works for most people.

The use of motor oil is something that has been going on for many years and many hydraulic systems use it today. Motor oil has the correct viscosity for the drive motors used in the tractor and implements. There is no need to deviate from a product that has been used since 1962 and is still used today in the new Ingersoll models. Yes, I could name a couple of alternative oils but what would be the point? Motor oil is readily available and it's packaged in several convenient forms. It is very much a "real hydraulic fluid" and I don't believe that you will find anything else that will outperform it.

The banana plate is a device that came into use in 1972 and is still in use today. Naturally, like most things mechanical, it is subject to wear and tear. FYI, the 600 Series tractors were designed by the same engineers that created the 580 Loader/Backhoe.... one of the most successful pieces of construction equipment ever made. When the banana plate and accompanying parts are in good repair, the system works quite well. As for the fan, some models did not even have a fan on them. Once again, the use of cooling fan on the hydraulic system goes back to the 60's and it served many thousands of owners of the garden tractors until 1988, when the three-digit models were discontinued. I don't know of anyone who has bothered to create a fan shroud or to substitute a different fan. I think that you need to spend some more time operating your 648 so that you come to know it better. I think that your opinion will change as a result of that exposure.

As for trans-axle bolts, this is something that you should do sooner than later. If you go to the FAQ's, you will likely find several documents of interest there. :thumbsup: :trink:

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