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My first Case tractor probally not my last

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I never posted any pictures of my ingersoll 4016, 16 hp vanguard. But after spending last week and a half working on it everyday 10 to 12 hrs a day i finally got it good enough to to show you guys, not perfect but very nice if I do say so myself. I also added knew axle pin and tie rod ends which were badly needed, as well as poorman power steering. Everything works as it should. Engine runs like a top starts with first turn of key no smoke, and no leaks at all engine or hydraulics. All fluids changed from front to back. Now ready to enjoy. Thank to all who offered help when I ask for it.


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Nice looking tractor. Picked up a 4018 one owner tractor this winter. Still haven’t got it out to go over it real well and use it.
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Looks like new. Very good find.
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Nice looking tractor...wish mine looked as nice. Wondering where you found the rear tires. The sidewalls on mine rotted out and I found some tires the right size but not happy with the tread design. Yours look like origian equipment.
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