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My New 73 Case 224

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nice find. Hope it all works out for you.
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You're going to LOVE those headlights. Nice tractor for a nice price. The deck looks like it's in great shape too. :thumbsup:
second 224 in as many months....
I see a VERY large pole building in your future.
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Where are the pics of Jack?

Nice looking tractor for the price. Are you thinking a hydraulic lift conversion?
My,my, my. You are EASILY influenced.

You paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much

- left fender shows damage

- right fender has non-OEM light attached to it

- drag link bent

- tie rod bent

- non OEM decal on one fender

- armstrong implement lift

- non OEM gauge wheels on deck

- rust covered exhaust system

- chipped and scratched paint

- height adjuster knob on deck is missing

- has old T-lift PTO engagement system

- only ONE ignition key supplied

- looks like non- OEM holes in dash

- old style headlamps - I'll swap you for some later ones just to help you out.

And I don't think that it's reasonable for Jack to include my tractors in his "claimed collection" just to impress you, either. :lol:
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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