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I would like to sell my Ingersoll 3018, with 48" deck, 44" blade, wheel weights and chains, and need help establishing an equitable sales price.The tractor is located in southeastern lower Michigan. I know price is subjective, determined by condition, hours of use and willingness of the buyer. Recognizing all of this, I need a reasonable ball park for this transaction.

I am the original owner of the tractor bought in 1989. She has a Onan Performer 18 XSL with 912 actual hours. I use her to mow 2 acres with hills, plow a 90' drive and 60' apron in front of the garage, and haul dirt, brush and firewood in a garden cart. She has never failed to start. There are no hydraulic or oil leaks. She has had all fluids changed on schedule, oil and new filter every 35-40 hrs (by me) and has always been garage kept. Recent repairs include new front tires, replaced front seal for pto shaft, new pto clutch, newer seat, new fuel filter, and a recent tuneup by Salem Power. The tractor is clean, although the paint condition is what one would reasonably expect on an 1989 tractor. Minor repairables are small tear in seat, hood latch missing, and the brakes need adjustment.

The RM 48" deck is a recent acquisition from Craigslist. I do not know the vintage, but the serial no. is 01030836. The deck has no rust and is in very good shape. It does not appear to have been used very much. I was very pleased to find this deck and to sell the old one.

The 44" blade has never been repainted so there is some rust. The bottom/cutting edge could use some help.

Thanks for any advice you offer.

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The person who is best equipped to advise you is Brian Hildreth. He knows what fair market value for your machine is in the area you reside. Location matters more than you likely realize. Brian also knows what your machine looks like. We do not. Brian takes in trades and then resells them. That's called first-hand experience.

If I were you, I would replace the hood latch, adjust the brake and see if a repair to the seat is possible. Installing a new seat might be in your best interests. As a buyer, I look at all the things that are wrong with a tractor when I come to see it and then use those to drive the price down. Two of these deficiencies are MINOR and easily remedied. The seat is a bit more costly but it's still something you can do on your own.

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Steve, of course I am familiar with the tractor.

If you wish to sell it for fair money, hang it out on Craigslist at $1200-1300. This is probably about the peak of pricing for it.

Put OBO in the ad if you want to drive traffic more quickly, then hold close to your pricing.

Put it out for around $900 firm, if you wish to get more traffic and move it quickly.

Would be more than happy to replace it with new or a near new Ingersoll and a good trade in price ...

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