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I have a Case 222 I believe it’s a 77, the splines on the I believe are hi/low gears are broke which was causing the rear wheel to lock up. I have the rear end completely torn off and can not find the gears anywhere. I did find a case 446 1978 I was wondering if the rear ends would swap out between the two? I found a rear end on eBay for 350.00 and the other tractor is 400.00 with a bad motor just need some guidance if anybody could help me. I’ve been researching trying to see if I could possibly do either the rear swap or a motor swap if I bought the other tractor. Thanks in advance for any help!! From Michigan.
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Ain’t no way a rear end is worth that. Call Dan white he’s up there by you 8103486311

Were in the winter wonderland state do you call home anyways
Well sir if you're not too far from Flint you're in luck
Dan White is your guy

bigman 🚩
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That's not that far for a road trip to save a bunch of cash
Sure hope you guys can work out a good deal.
Good luck

bigman 🚚
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