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The hood on my 446 has seen better days. The front of it where the hinge is located is all rusted out. I've welded it a couple times but there isn't much left to weld to.

I was at Nutcase446's house on Saturday and he had a hood that while the paint was long gone it was very straight and had no rust on it so I brought it home with me.

Here's a couple before pics.

Here's after a couple hours with the wire wheel and griding disc on my grinder.

It's so shiny it was hard to get a picture of it. :lol:

Here's something else I got from Gregg that every tractor should have....

A nice 3 spring seat frame. (first person to point out the bolt I didn't tighten get's a cookie.) :thumbsup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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