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4020 PS
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Hello. New to this forum. Bought a 4020PS the other day.

A question if I may.

Does anyone know where I can find what year my tractor is based on the S/N? I believe it is toward end to the run for 4020 as i looked at one site that had S/N limits by year but it ended in 2000.

My S/N is 17193737.

I bought the tractor, a rototiller, snow caster that needs a bit of work, hydraulic PTO, 3 point hitch and sleeve hitch adapter. I plan to re-paint and pretty her up but main use is as garden tractor and haul trailer around.

Any thoughts/suggestions very welcome.

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Welcome to the CCI forum Verminator. Your number is after 2000 which is the last number on the chart. I hope your experience here is education and fun. Please post some pics of your 4020 when you can. If you have any questions fire away, there are many knowledgeable members here. Dealers are also listed for OEM parts, who are happy to assist you.

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I also have a 4020PS that was built after 2000. I was able to get a rough idea of the build date based on the engine serial number. The first character of the Onan/Linamar serial number is the month (E = May on mine for example), and the next 2 digits are the year (01 = 2001 on mine for example).

Now, I'm not sure how far ahead Ingersoll stockpiled engines before installing them into tractors. But I'm guessing maybe a month or two, so that would mean my tractor was probably built sometime mid-2001.

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Welcome Verminator
Sure glad to have you here at CCI. 馃槑
I have a 4020ps myself it's a monster when using it to mow with
Enjoy your time here and have some fun with your tractor

bigman :coffee:
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