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1977 Case 446
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Hi all! I recently aquired this Case 130 that I've been after for years. I did a full strip down and repaint while correcting the numerous "repairs" that had been done over the decades. The original K241 was swapped with a K301 at some point (fine by me honestly) and it somehow runs fantastic with a cheap chinese carb swap even after 20+ years with no air cleaner even being stored outside. I will be in the market to either buy or build a front blade for it and in the future will also add a custom 3 point and front end loader. Looking forward to the knowledge and advice you guys can offer. View attachment 127705 View attachment 127712
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Hi Jason. Beautiful looking machine since you have redone it. I think it’s a little small to add a loader to it. That’s just my opinion for what it’s worth. The seasoned guys would know better. Have fun using it.
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