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New member with lots of questions :)

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Hi All I’m new here from the Midwest Minnesota. I’ve kept my eye on case machines for a while now with the loaders etc just curious what the differences are between a 644/646. I’ve also just found a Ingersoll 6018 with loader/backhoe curious what process and availability are on these machines?

update: just nabbed this 648 a hour and 30 minutes away!

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Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the CCI forum Merchlewitz. You have some info on the loader and backhoe GT’s from other members. You might try if you haven’t already look at the manuals for these GT’s. These GT’s are a little larger than the 400 and 200 series GT’s. I own a 646 loader and a 644 lbh. Powerful machines that can make moving material a lot easier. Please keep us posted on what you may find in your search, if you haven’t already purchased one. ✌Harry
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I’ve just updated my post, I ended up finding a 648 close by.. it needs a new seat but t has about 1500 hours on it .. I do need to fix a few things but it runs really good.
Great find Merchlewitz. These 600 series are getting harder to find and you found one close, that’s great. I hope to hear from you again soon with some pic of your new treasure. ✌. Harry
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