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New Owner Checklist

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Below is the beginnings of my new owner checklist. It is a list of someone who just bought a 40 year old tractor, to check out, so it may last another 40 years or so. I've based a lot of this off of just what I need to do with my Case 222. And since both my Case and my Cub Cadets all have K series Kohler engines, I only listed stuff I know should be done with them, if there are specific things for Onan/Tecumseh/Briggs, please add them to the list. Feel free to tear this list apart, argue about how I classified some things as basic and others as advanced, and if a sound argument is made, or a consensus i reached, I can flip it around. I considered the Basics stuff you should do no matter what. The advanced I considered more optional if you were having problems with the tractor. I want to add details to each thing on the list and add links to the document too, either to the technical section of this, or other forums, and would really like to have each procedure documented on Youtube. I rebuild my carb this past week and documented it all with videos, so I should post that soon to youtube.

Please feel free to comment any way you'd like and add as much (or as little) as you feel is needed. Also, the formatting kinda sucks, it looks better in the google Document that I typed it up in, if the Admins want to implement Nuxeo or Alfresco real quick, we can make this a true living document as we call it in the ECM world, and keep good formatting by using Google Docs :lol:

New Owner Checklist


The Basics
1. Change the oil.
a. Details to add: type, how much, what to look for in the old oil.
2. Clean the air filter and the precleaner, replace if needed
a. how to clean
b. Special maintenance of the precleaner
3. Spark plug
a. inspect for physical damage or if it is fouled, replace if needed.
b. Make sure it is the CORRECT spark plug and the gap is correct.
c. Inspect wire, check for cracks
4. Change the fuel filter
a. drain gas check for water, debris in tank, maybe rust
b. add shutoff??

The Advanced
1. Clean carburetor
a. New gasket set
b. Check float for fluid in it
c. adjust fuel mixture screws
2. Adjust timing
a. static timing method
3. Decarbonize engine
a. Flatten head back to specs in manual
b. Retorque head

Hydraulic Drive and rear end

The Basics
1. Change the oil in the reservoir/pump
a. Type: Shell Rotella T 15w40
2. Change the rear end oil
a. type?
3. Inspect brake
a. Adjust band?

The Advanced
1. Adjust the linkages for the Hydrive
2. Reline the break pad

The Mechanics of the tractor

The Basics
1. Inspect the tractor
a. check for missing or bad cotter pins
b. Check for any cracked or leaking hoses (could be engine related too)
c. Inspect fan is not cracked
d. Oil cooler is clear of debris (clean if needed)
e. All tires hold air?
i. is there a hole?
ii. add tube or replace?
2. Grease all fittings
a. Replace any fittings that need replacing.
3. Are there any steering column tweaks?

The advanced
1. Do the mod to the front axles for easier steering
2. Adjust the PTO clutch
3. Adjust the front tires to correct alignment.


Mowing Deck

1. Grease the spindles
2. Inspect pulleys and the deck belt, replace as needed.
3. Sharpen and BALANCE the blades.
4. Coat under the deck with rust inhibitor.
5. Inspect and replace as need the motor to deck belt.
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Pulse301; Good start to 'the list'. Given the fundamental predisposition of the management, you may want to consider the first order of business as CHECK VIN# and READ APPROPRIATE MANUALS.
Great initiative!
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