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New sleeve hitch mount brackets for sale

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I was thinking of having some sleeve hitch brackets made. The brackets would fit a Case 444 and smaller. They are the ones that hold the sleeve hitch on the rear wheel axel. The brackets would be all steel,new manufacture but without paint, bolts, wahers, or cotter pins. Bracket only. I would ask $130 US. shipped to your door in the continental US. I can add the bolts washers and cotter pins for $10. more ($140 US). If you are interested send me a PM.I could ship to Canada but I am not sure what the shipping cost would be. If I get no interest by Monday I will not have any made. It will take three weeks to have them made once the order is placed.

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I really can't lower the price as the cost a hundred bucks a set. Is this jsut too much to pay for them? Or is there really no need for them?
Since you asked.................. :sidelaugh:

First off........those brackets are very well made. The quality in all respects is not in question. However, the main problem here is COST. There is a HUGE difference between the production cost for a "one-off" item like you just made and the cost per unit in a production run of several thousand pieces. Your price is pretty close to what Eastman is charging for the same pair.

Your brackets are beautifully executed by a Pro shop but most guys don't care about beauty. They just want cheap and dirty. Anyone with some fabrication skills will make their own brackets. They won't look as good but since they are hidden under the tractor, they won't care as long as they support the sleeve hitch properly. As I see it, you might have a market if your price was about $60.00 per pair. Demand for these is low because most used sleeve hitches come with them. I think that you would be lucky to sell 5 sets per year.
Those are really nice looking brackets and if I paid that much for them they would be enshrined in a glass case along with my other trophies! :sidelaugh:

Having made a number of these myself, I think a price of $25 a set would be a reasonable price (not stainless). As with many things of this nature it takes more time to gather the materials than to do the fabrication. I don't know what Ingersoll is charging for these but I suspect even their price is less than $100.
According to Boomer, their price per pair is around the $130.00 mark.
I didn't know they were available. I asked about them in a nother post and no-one replied. I assumed someone would have suggested where to but them. So from this point forward I willnot make these available. Case closed.
I am not trying to be argumentative here but i am wondering why you would think that those brackets were not available.

The rear axles have not changed to any great degree and Eastman is still building and offering Sleeve Hitches for the 3000 and 4000 Series of tractors. Dealers still sell Sleeve Hitch Kits that will fit 3 digit and 4 digit tractors. I remember that thread and several people told you to make your own because they knew the outrageous price that Eastman demands for them.
Hydriv said:
According to Boomer, their price per pair is around the $130.00 mark.
Ouch! I have to wonder sometimes if Ingersoll is operating a manufacturing facility or a job shop. Any welding shop should be able to knock those out for $50 a set--one at a time. With a couple of simple jigs a production shop could probably produce 50 sets a day with one person.

There is something fundamentally wrong with their price structure when a person can have something custom made for less than they sell the same item. I don't begrudge them a good profit margin but they would probably do better to lower the price a bit and sell more. It is unfortunate that they have positioned themselves as the supplier of last resort and many people don't even bother to ask the dealer for a price because they expect it to be outrageous. There are some items--belts come to mind--that are worth the price in my opinion whereas the bracket prices are just silly.
I apreciate the feed back and by no means take any offence to it. When you are only having a few made they don't cut you much of a break.
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