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I somewhat dislike posting CL posts since once the owner has removed the listing from CL this thread on CCI is no longer relevant, however, it's difficult not letting CCI members know about this one.

Tractor: 16 hp BF Onan engine, Hy-Drive hydraulic drive, hydraulic implement lift with rebuilt cylinder, back tires in good shape, fronts need replacement, both headlights work, engine runs very good except it needs the choke on slightly when idling, no rips or tears in seat.

Snowblower: 38" wide cut, new bearings in pulleys, new drive belt.

Mower deck: 38" cut, new bearings in all spindles, new bearings in all pulleys, new drive belts, underside cleaned and painted with silver POR-15, all blades professionally sharpened, new wheels.

Dozer blade: 44" wide.

$1600 or make an offer.

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I find it very strange that this tractor has THREE attachments that are ALL TOO SMALL for it.

The blower, blade and deck are meant for a 200 series, NOT a 400.

The overall width of that tractor is 41". What good is a 38" cut width deck? What good is a 38" snow caster without the wings on it? You will drive over freshly fallen snow with every pass you make, causing it to pack down and throw your tractor off level which can lift the edge of the blower off the ground and leave more snow behind.

You will drive over uncut grass with the rear tires but worse than that, you can't trim along planting beds or buildings because the right side of the deck is inside the width of the wheels.

The blade will work as a straight push and angled to the first hole but you cannot angle it fully or the spoil off the blade will be right in the way of your rear tire.

In my mind, all of those issues makes this a $500.00 package because whomever buys it will have to sell off the attachments that come with it and then buy the correct ones. Hardly worth the aggravation unless you get the package super cheap.
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