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Nice looking 226 on eBay - Central Missouri

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Wish I had extra money for this one, I did bid on it but I knew it was going higher than what I could afford right now. This is the same seller that I just won the custom sleeve hitch attachments from.

This is a newer 226, sleeve hitch, rear PTO, mowing deck and wheel weights. Current bid is $676 as of this message posting and it has another day to go, I would have posted it earlier but I was bidding on this sellers other stuff (sorry!), he had a tiller that went for $475 that ended yesterday.

Seller claims that he has more stuff coming up for auction such as "blades" and hydrovac....

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1987 226,HAD A RERING A FEW YEARS AND VERY FEW HOURS AGO,16 HP ONAN B43M,mower runs good mows good, your lawn will look likeit was done with a pushmower with this one boys! cuts level,near new blades.used it before these pics. cost 3795.00 new and i think the deck[46INCH] was 650 extra best i remember.comes with wheel weights[125.00],complete sleeve hitch[175.00] rear pto valve asembly[175.00] and a holding valve on axle[200.00] never sat outside a single nite in its life,sure i have the manuals and maybe the sales slip but dont count on it. YOU BETTER SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR A FULL LINE OF EQUIP FOR THIS LIL TRACTOR!!! . is for sale locally but i dont see that doin much round here,so i know there are several high dollar items on this tractor so heres a good chance to have the whole works for prolly bout the same money so please give me your best shot!!! engine does not smoke or burn oil,does need a lil crack in muffler braised but its been like that a long time so . . .valves havnt been adjusted and maybe should be lil rattle sometimes,deck has 2 holes bout size of quarter on rt side i put aluminized duct tape on.thanks for looking cash only on pickup moberly,mo. 60miles west of quincy,il. 30 miles north of columbia,mo 70 miles south of iowa line on good 4lanehiway thanks SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS!!! I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF AND DONT USE IT ANYMORE. SEVERAL BLADES TO BE COMING UP FOR AUCTION AND A REAR 3BAG HYDRAVACUME OUTFIT PRESTINE CONDITION AND COMPLETE
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Maybe you can get him to join up and post the extra items here first. That gives members here first crack. :think: Also saves him Ebay fees. Those pics are pretty old according to the date stamp. Could be date in camera not set correctly though.
Billygoat said:
Maybe you can get him to join up and post the extra items here first. That gives members here first crack. :think: Also saves him Ebay fees. Those pics are pretty old according to the date stamp. Could be date in camera not set correctly though.
I think it's just date not set right on his digital camera, the sleeve hitch attachments pictures had the same date too but there was long grass in the pictures and there's never grass like that in January in Missouri.

Since he's selling at least another blade and hydrovac, I'm eagerly waiting to see them come up or at least see what he wants for them, I'm hopefully going to up to pick my stuff from him this afternoon if I can get away from work and will reply back with what else he has.
All I can say is WOW! Sometime you stumble across something that is totally unexpected.

This man has enough Case garden tractors to run one each day of the week and still not start the same one for at least two weeks! Rather interesting collection including a modified rear end that he has welded steering buckles on so that it can be used to make a 4x4 GT with steering.

I going back next weekend to get at least one 446 that's missing an engine along with at least an Onan engine and perhaps more

Really got to get pictures of his custom fab'ed rearend with steering knuckles for you guys, I was running short on time but next weekend I will see if he will permit a few pictures. By appearances I believe he desires to remain fairly private along with his collection as everything was secured rather well however he described that he's wanting to move into town from the rural area for health reasons and needed to get rid of a LOT of his Case parts and tractors.

In addition to all that he had running, he has a Case GT junkyard "over the hill" which had a little bit of everything from frames, engines and complete GT's, I'm thinking about taking my big trailer up next weekend and make an offer on his GT junkyard but I'm not sure how the wife will react when I come back home, she's starting to get a little touchy about my Case girlfriend. She was not impressed by by new sleve hitch accesseries....
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Sounds like you may end up being a Case tractor/parts broker on the side. :lol: Maybe he can sell on this site through you. I do think if you do that maybe you can get a broker's fee. to me, that would be fair and the site members would still get first crack. (after you get through drooling all over it). Best wishes to you however you do this. Just gotta keep 'em out of the scrapyard.
It ended at $810. Seems to be a right on fair price for both seller and buyer if the engine checks out. I bet this GT is a kick butt mower.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
It was nice, I asked about it and he showed it to me. started right up no smoke form the engine and it ran nice and quiet. Someone is going to have themselves a very nice 226.
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