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Ocala Fl C/L-195-$500

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Case 195 Tractor - $500 (Homosassa)
Date: 2011-04-13, 8:30AM EDT
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For sale Case 195 Tractor with hydrostatic drive. Please call Curt 352-586-2587

* Location: Homosassa
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Do I have to tell you guys that this tractor is worth the asking price?

Nah...... I didn't think so.

Several of you are already upset that it's in Florida.
Be careful on this one though. There are several pieces missing here. The front/side engine shields, the stearing wheel cap, Case eagle, some decals, shifter knob, original air cleaner cover. The seat pan is either painted wrong, or replaced incorrectly - I can't tell from the photo. With all those smaller pieces missing in the photo, it's likely that at least some of the throttle/choke and PTO knobs are missing as well.

It does look nice, but if you want an original restoration in your collection, this will still take some effort to get there. I would love to add a 195 to my collection, but $500 isn't all that great of a deal if you consider you'll probably need a parts tractor to do a proper restoration here.
The correct seat, side panels and steering wheel cap are available from Jim Daenzer, a member of this site. The original air cleaner, shifter knob, eagle and choke/throttle knobs can be found on e-bay quite often and Jim might be able to help with those too. Decals are available from Maple Hunter.

Trying to find excellent examples of these tractors in most of the southern states is often very difficult. Naturally, a personal inspection is best when buying any tractor but one does have to factor in shipping costs when something like this is difficult to find in your area. So if you come across a $250.00 195 in Michigan and it costs you $500.00 to get it to Florida, which one is the better deal?

Just the same, I thank Phaon for casting his learned eye over this tractor and posting the deficiencies he found. Now....some of you can beat him up, instead of me... for ripping a tractor to shreds. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
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