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Went today to go pick up my new machine. The previous owner was a good fella, use to be a ingersoll dealer back in the day, 25 years ago or so (I believe this explains all of the attachments including the odd ball cart) anyhow, the machine needs some help as do some of the attachments, but the price was very fair.

It does run, and fires right up, but the exhaust is loose and rattling freely, there is a bit of an oil leak. She has some jerry rigged things that need attention. I suppose the proper attention, would be a complete rebuild repaint, and modifications.

Boy howdy does it have an ass end on her though. The old timer I picked it up from ran me through everything about the tractor, and I think wanted to have just a bit of fun with it one last time at the end of the crash course. He ran her around in low gear full bore to show it running, then smiled and bellowed out, now for high gear. He took off like a raped ape and damn near did a wheelie. When he turned around he had one hell of a smile, one last joy ride to send her off.


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