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It seems that a brief introduction of myself is in order. I'm Jason Kozlowski from Glen Rock, PA. I'm a little young, as Case collectors go, 28. I grew up on what some would call a hobby farm. I've been interested in tractors for as long as I can recall; I started to focus on Case when I was about ten. To date my dad and I have collected together; we started with farm toys and memorabilia, expanded into garden tractors, and then into farm equipment. I chose to auction off most of our garden tractors in 2008, space had become a big issue, and my focus was shifting to larger equipment. The garden tractor collection peaked at over 75 Case, Colt, and Ingersoll garden tractors; I never counted the all implements. I retained a few specific garden tractors, and we continue to collect the farm equipment and toys. I'm somewhat of a preservationist; I've always been focused on good original items, and I subscribe to the idea that it's only original once. However, I also respect anyone who takes the time and effort to save, restore, and sometimes actually resurrect, a piece of history.

We presently have primarily Case 30 series and 70 series tractors, and they tend to come from everywhere, not just near PA. We also have our fair share of Case implements, and an odd IH 284 and MF 230 tractor. In the past few years, I've become increasingly active in in a couple local and national organizations. I am presently the chief administrator of the J.I.C.C.A. Facebook page and I have finally started my own you tube channel. I don't mind helping people or providing information. I have an extensive collection of original Case brochures, including an extensive collection of C.C.I. brochures. So, if you need reference info, I could have it. I do still have a small cache of garden tractors that include the following:

1962 expirimental Colt 9 with OMC engine
1976 446 Case Spirit of '76
1972 Case 220 with Didier Hydra Sickle
1972 Case W-724 snowblower (built by Roper)
1972 Case 646 (perhaps the earliest 646 known)
1978 Case 644
1981 Case 648 with factory snow bucket
1987 Ingersoll Case 226 with hydrabagger
1993 Ingersoll 3118 with hydra bagger
1993 Ingersoll 4118-D

The follwing tractors were found and purchased new from the same dealer.
I do not use them at all.

1993 Ingersoll 3118-D
1986 Ingersoll Case 448 (still in the shipping crate)
1984 Ingersoll Case 108
1983 Case 224
1982 Case 224 (still in the shipping crate)


My youtube channel.

Facebook page.


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I am pleased that you took me up on my invitation to join but now I am deeply hurt because you did not acknowledge that you and I have been friends for some time.

I just don't know if things will ever be the same between us again. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:

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Hi Jason,
I'm glad that you have joined, as your knowledge of these machines will be valuable to this group. I will have to check out your youtube channel. I've been wondering what ag tractors you are collecting and would like to see some of them. Glad to see you still have the Spirit 446. That's my personal favorite.

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Jason, good to see you here. You bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the group, we won't hold it against you that you are good friends with Tom, a lot of us here have the same problem. :sidelaugh:

Can't wait to see and hear more about your hobby.
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