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THANK YOU! I don't have any dealerships that I know of near me that have much Case IH. I know one that sells a variety of brands but specializes in Case IH about an hour away. Do you think a place like this would be able to order in the paint needed or would I have to go to more of a straight Case IH dealership? Obviously I could give them a call and find out but I am tired of getting laughed at by the parts guys lol. Desert sunset and flambeau red are exactly what I am looking for thank you so much!
I'd make the call, then go get it if in stock or order it.

Our trusted (member) dealers won't laugh at you, and have parts you won't find elsewhere. Note, I believe there are regs that make it impractical if not impossible for them to ship paint, being a flammable hazard.

Authorized Ingersoll Dealers

As to your lack of painting experience with a spray gun, I suggest some time on youtube. A lot of good info can be found there.

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