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Good evening, I was looking to restore my 222 and I was wondering what paint to use. I don't know if there is some sort of paint code that I haven't been able to locate or how people have been able to get pretty much perfect paint matches for their restoration? If anyone could let me in on the secret for the proper paint color... that would great! -Thank you for your time View attachment 128466
As many have said the Case Ingersoll OEM paint is great. Use hardener as it makes all the difference. But do it out side and with proper respirator. Best way to ;learn is do, just before you "do" research and YouTube. We shoot many tractors ever year. Your local Case Ag or Construction dealer can get the paint. You want Desert Sunset and Power red colors. 85 percent of any paint job is good prep and body work and quality materials, the rest is the skill lo.l Here is a link to some that we have painted or restored. Projects | Case Ingersoll Tract Any questions shoot us a message on our website or email as we do not get here as often as we like,.
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