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I've had a 1973 Case 442 since 2008. It has served me very well, and been very reliable. In the 12 years I've had it I've done routine maintenance, relined the PTO clutch, and replaced the plastic fan, the drag link ball sockets, and the fuel pump.

Not too shabby.
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Lately I built a 3 point hitch, a carryall, a back blade, and a front weight bracket, but that's just for fun and added capabilities.
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Plant Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle

I had plans to repower it this winter (no snow here) to a very low hours Kohler k341 16hp that I found for $50. My 12hp Kohler is still going strong, but the drop-in upgrade to 16hp would come in handy.

Then last night everything changed.

I found a late-model Ingersoll 4020PS near me, and it followed me home.
Suddenly I have a 20HP Linamar under the hood, a long frame, power steering, and a larger right-hand discharge deck.

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I feel a little guilty moving on from the old girl. She's sure been faithful. But the new girl is so modern and powerful! I mowed the back yard as soon as I got home, and it's actually a little scary how powerful this thing is! It actually travels slightly faster than the 442 did under "full forward" mode, and its turning radius is not as tight as I'm used to. Between the higher speed and the slower turns, I had several near misses. So it's going to take a bit of getting used to.

And I probably got ripped off. I had to pay the guy $600, and it doesn't even have a hitch. Outrageous, right?

But still, I'm grinning like a donkey eating cactus!

Just had to share.

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I got a 4120PS full Hydrolic last fall, It will spoil a person, I have a 446 that has every thing 3point, tiller, snowblower. The Power steering takes a little to get use to. but the snowblower that I picked up for the 4120 works great.


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A while back I was trying to decide which one to keep, 444 that is done and working, or the 448 that was bought as a parts tractor. Now I鈥檓 getting close to having the 448 restored and a 3rd tractor for parts. Be careful, they tend to multiply.
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