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Plug gap and points set question.

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Ok. I am looking at the manual at the spark plug gap by engine number and w/magnito w/o magnito. Either .025 or .030. Then under all that it states all gas engines are .018. So what do I gap my plug to? Now the points question. Do I set them like my old fords. Turn the key untill the points open then gap accordingly?
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Which engine do you have? I'm assuming a K series, but which one exactly? I think the note you are referring to in the manual actually has a typo in it, it is supposed to read any gas fueled engine that operates below 2500 RPM should have a plug gap of .018. There is an antique engine forum that has this note on their Kohler engine page that tells you what spark plug to use and what gap to have, but I have not read this forums rules on linking to other i won't link to it.

As far as setting the points gap goes, There is a "Static Timing Method" in section 8 of the K series manual that will tell you how to set the gap, or you can use this really good how to, that I have known many people to use successfully:

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Kohlwr 14hp. on a 79 Case. Where is the site hole?
Since I can post links to other forums, here is the link to the plug gap page:

As far as where the site hole is...that varies from engine to engine. I do not have a K321 like yours, I have a k301 and a k341. On my 1978 K301, on my Case 222, it is a hole in the shroud right behind the ignition coil, in fact it looks like I would have to remove the coil in order to be able to look in the hole. If you look on page 3 of the PDF i linked to, the bottom picture shows the site hole is right below the silver serial number sticker, which is exactly where it is on my 1976 K341 (16 HP).
I'll look around for it. Thanks for your help pulse301.
I have a 444 - 1977 and the site hole on is on the generator side thru the bearing plate. I have to look thru the generator bracket holes to see the "S" marking. When you find it take some white out and mark the "S".
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