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Should a 226 use a 54" blade

Poll 54" blade on 226 yea or nay

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So I'm looking for some confirmation here.
Anyone think a 54" snow blade on a 226 is too much?
Comment if you use a 54 on your 226, or tried one and it was too unwieldly
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I have a youtube video of me plowing snow with mine. Easily handles it.
Case approved the 54" blade for the 224 because it has enough HP to push it. Your 226 will have no problem pushing it if the motor is strong. The 44" blade was approved for the 10 and 12 hp models but if someone preferred that blade over the 54" model then that was OK too.
You won't have any problem pushing it as far as power goes. Your biggest enemy will be traction.

I used my blade for snow a bunch of times this winter and it worked pretty good for cleanup.
Mine works fine with the wider blade. You'll want more weight in the right places for traction and steering.

I have pushed snow and dirt with my 224 with 54" blade. I put chains on the turf tires for traction pushing snow.
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I reworked our gavel driveway with my 226 with a 54" blade and turf tires. It spun out a few times, but I got the job done.
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