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Just so you know - this topic comes up EVERY year, at least since 2008, the year I joined! Every year we get the same augments, experts, theories, etc. Every year we all end up disagreeing. Any experts out there need to do, even a cursory search on the internet to discover that even back into the 90's when ethanol was introduced (BTW) NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD has introduced ethanol in their gas supply and for a reason! will describe in detail the reasons why you should never use ethanol in corroborated engines. Ethanol currently is at 10% in fuel injected engines and the farmers have been lobbying to update the to 15%. Even car manufacturers are pushing back against that for the SAME reasons why - that they will need to change the materials used in their fuel systems, to have to move to plastic fuel tanks because (corrosion!), etc. If you can live with ethanol, you live in an area that does not dramatically go lower than freezing, can heat the storage or even the GT parts ok. But the problem still and does exist, period!
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