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Project question. Kubota in a 444

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I have two 14 hp three cylinder Kubota diesels. I have a complete all to hell G6200 GT. How hard would it be to set this in a blown 444. Would it be worth the trouble, or just rebuild the 14 HP Kohler. I like the idea of diesel in a Case but!!!!!!!!!!! Opinions please.
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Only you can decide if it's a good idea but here a some things to think about:

1. The Kohler can be rebuilt to new specs for $500 or less if you do the work.
2. You will never get your money out of the tractor if you put a different engine in it.
3. The Kubota will require some modification of the hood to make more room and it will not look stock.
4. If the diesel operating speed is not close to 3600 rpm then you will have to install a different pump to maintain adequate gpm.
5. You will need to do some special fabrication to install a front PTO assuming there is a way to attach it to the flywheel.
6. If you don't have a front PTO you will not be able to take full advantage of the power of the diesel.

All of these issues can be dealt with if you have the skill and you could end up with a real brute of a tractor. Ingersoll actually sold a diesel for a couple of years and you can download the parts manual and see how they did it. The main thing they did was extend the front of the tractor frame to make room for a radiator and that required a longer hood. They also dispensed with the mechanical front PTO in favor of all hydraulic driven attachments.
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I've looked at that project . It could be done, but not easilyl
I think the PTO issue could be solved, as the 6200 had a belt pulley on the flywheel. But that would require putting the radiator behind the engine, like Kubota did. That would probably mean a frame stretch/and/or battery relocation.

The 2cyl models would fit better, but even then it's a lot of work and time.

That's why I'm using a 16HP K341 in my 644.
Would it be worth the trouble? I guess that all depends on how much you want one done up like that.I certainly like diesels and if it were mine,and I had the engine,and wanted to do it,then I would do it.

Maynard :canada:
Well, cancel that little project. I forgot that I have a New 14 HP OHV Kohler Magnum sitting on the shelf. I am going to look into how that will fit. Anyone done this?
The Magnum twins were used in the Massey Ferguson tractors that Ingersoll built for them in the early 90's.

It will fit and it will work may run into some hood clearance issues. Keep in mind that 446 and 448 tractors have a dropped section in the frame where the engine fits to get more underhood clearance. You may have to do the same thing. That requires you to cut the frame and then weld in gusseting to restore frame strength.

Projects can be simple or a nightmare. The difference is often found in the amount of planning done before the project is begun.
Hydriv, this is a single cylinder 14 HP OHV kohler. It should not be as big a deal as putting a twin in it. Correct?
Kohler K's and Magnums are essentially the same. I don't foresee any issues. Others are free to chime in.
Depends if your going to sell it every. The original K rebuilt likely easier to sell and less $$$....sell the magium for extra cash. But if pump will fit on back and manual clutch on front, should be good swap. Bob M
I suppose that the big issue will be if the Magnum has the machining on the block for the Case pump mount. I would think that the Magnum flywheel would accept the Case mechanical clutch but if it did not, then wouldn't the flywheels interchange between the two series?
I have no interest in selling any of them, so that is not an issue. I'm going to find out by trying it. I'll let you know how this goes. I'll keep the K series for JA to rebuild. I can always swap it back in the far future.
I think you have mismatched some engine names. To my knowledge, non of the Magnum series engines were OHV.

The magnum and K series were very similar and interchange fairly easily, as wiring for the electronic ignition was the biggest difference.

The OHV engines are much different. And, there is more than one OHV, and an OHC.

More ID info needed.
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