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Hello, We recently picked up 1971 Case 446 repowered w/ 18HP Vanguard and the hydraulic pump is leaking.
I have 4 questions I hope I can get some help with.
1: Is there a seal kit available for the pump, the pump looks like it's brand new and it has a 1/2 inch shaft.
2: Does the Lovejoy coupling have to be separated in order to get the pump out.?
3: If the Lovejoy coupling does have to be separated is it a fairly straight forward job to reinstall it.?
I did find some instructions here on forum for installing Lovejoys and it looked to be a pretty complicated endeavor, but I'm wondering since it has already been done,
would it be just a matter of bolting everything back together.
4: Should I be thinking about adding a firewall?
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Thank you in advance for any information you can provide it is very much appreciated.

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I have not had to do this yet 馃 But I can tell you that working on the lovejoy is NOT going to be as big of a PITA as it is for others, with the pump mount the PO used. The older pump mounts are basically a capped pipe with 2 small holes in the bottom to fit a allen wrench thru, this mount is wide open (y) The big thing on reassembly is to have the gaps between the lovejoys and spider that are shown in your picture.


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Thanks' for the reply, Gordy.
I guess what I will do is measure the gap on the inside faces of the lovejoys, along with the gap between the spider and the lovejoy teeth with a feeler gauge. Then, stick a straight edge on the outsides of the lovejoys and measure and record the measurements before I take the pump off and use the recorded measurements for reference when I reinstall the pump. I'm still looking for a seal kit for the hydraulic pump and I'm really not sure of the part number of the pump, so, I guess I will have take the pump off before I can search for a seal kit.

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With that pump mount you have, it'll be easy for you to setup.

Have a look at this picture,, notice those 3 little knobs, on the spider? There's 3 on each side. Tough to get it wrong, just stick the spider in, bring the couplers together, and those 3 knobs set the proper gap for the spider and couplers. Finger pinch the 2 couplers together and tighten the setscrews up.

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