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I bought a hydro vac for next to nothing last fall, basically because the trailer is trash. I was initially going to just use a regular lawn trailer and paint it properly............ but now that I've seen them with catchers mounted directly to the tractor, I may want to go that way.

Question is: Are there different models of hydro vac units for different mounts? I have a 3 point on my 446 - this unit clearly isn't for mounting on a 3 point. Are there simply different brackets, or is the unit itself different ? Is it feasible to fab up a mount for the vac itself AND a bagger unit ? Or am I going to have to use the 3 point for the vac and stick with the trailer for the grass ?

Thanks for the input.

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Well, anything can be fabricated with the right time and skill ...

There were 3 models of vacs for the LH 200/400 tractors.

B98 was setup to run with a trailer to catch the debris.

B98-B was set up with support tubes, hood, and the bags to catch the debris.

B98-3 was a set up for a trailer, but the blower housing mounted to a 3 point bracket.

The B98-B has a different mounting orientation for the blower, which allows the correct space for the bags/hood.

The trailer units place the blower more rearward and adding a bagger is not very practical from a weight/balance and structure perspective, in the OEM location.

Take a look at the parts manuals on the Ingersoll web site to get a good feel for the differences. If you have a trailer unit (B98) and wish to convert it to bagging, you might come up with a practical concept to fabricate.

Keep in mind that a vac with full bags can get rather heavy ... mounting it to the 3 point really hangs it out there and counterbalance becomes a necesssity.

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