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Hello, I ruined my starter motor which had been on my tractor for the 3 years I have owned it. I did a power wash a few weeks back and had to buy a new cheap Ebay starter. Turns out its the same as the unit I took off. I say that because the mounting flange is the same, it looks like cast not steel. In the electrical manual for the B43M the gear lash is described as 0.020 + 0.010. Does that mean 0.020 on one side of a gear tooth and 0.010 on the other or between 0.020 & 0.010 with the pinion tooth touching any flywheel tooth? Any coaching would be greatly appreciated. :headscratcher:

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I don't have anything to add about the lash setting because I just eyeballed mine.

That end you have is the cheapest piece of cast ever made so be careful with under/over tightening of the bolts.

Check out this thread.


I still have 1 of those new in a box as a spare, but I ended up buying one of the original style with the steel end used off a friend.
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