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Question on a TOUCHY subject

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I DO NOT want to stir up any drama here, but I have a question. I read on another forum that there was/are 644 TORQ tractors in existance. Does anyone have a picture of what they look like?

I don't really see the need for an all out dabate on the origin, I just would like to see a picture of one.

The reason:
A small FEL barn gem has been located near where I live. A friend who knows nothing about Case GT's went to look at it for himself and then called me. He said that the tractor looked similar to mine (1974 646) and that it said TORR on one of the loader arms and no other numbers or brand decals were present. I asked him if it could have said TORQ, but he was pretty sure of the 2R's. There are a few local businesses with the name TORR, so it is very possible.

I am going to look at it with him tomorrow night. I will post pics if I find anything exciting.
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The tractor has been aquired...

However, it is NOT a Torq model. It is a 1974 Case 646 with a horrible 10+ year old backyard paint job. (Hardly a "barn gem"). My friend was correct, TORR was written on one of the loader arms in cheap decals.

After asking the owner, there was/is a property maintenance company named TORR that managed some trailer parks in the area. This is where the PO believes the tractor came from.

As of right now, I'm not sure what I will do with the tractor. It has been beaten, abused and neglected throughout its 37 years of existance. It will most likely get parked and covered up until I finish the current 646 project that I am working on. I don't really need another project or 646 loader, but I couldn't let it go to waste.
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