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This is the shorter "Quick Start" version of our website rules as written below. The longer version is linked which is more detailed.

Welcome to the Case Colt Ingersoll website! We're glad you're here!

Our Forum is a place of enjoyment which members visit often, a source for new friendships and sharing, and a great source of idea exchanges and technical resource publication. We're proud to be the leading website for Case, Colt, and Ingersoll tractors. Our membership growth rate is evidence to that claim.

To preserve its integrity, we ask you abide by some guidelines to ensure the maximum, positive experience for all our members. As this is the shortened "quick start" rules of the road, there is greater detail on our guidelines found in this website link:

Most rules are basic common courtesy, and some are within technical and legal boundaries. Treat these rules with the utmost respect. Everyone is willing to pitch in and help. Lets keep it a great website!

Thank you in advance, for your continued support
The Moderator Team

"Quick Start" Rules of the Road - Do's and Don'ts

* DO introduce yourself to us in the New Member Forum. You'll be greeted by our moderators and members all willing to help.

* DO not be afraid to ask questions. We have many members with varying levels of expertise. No question is too simple to ask.

* DO use the search feature at the top of the page header in black. Extensive resources are found here in forum discussion and in the Library. Many answers are found here first, and could answer your question before creating a new post.

* DO express gratitude by using the "thanks" button when you feel the need. Members appreciate it. It enhances a friendly atmosphere and keeps our membership thriving to participate.

* DO express comments clearly as you can, recognizing the communication gap of not being in person. Not every message may be interpreted the same, so we expect clarifications may be needed. Be nice.

* DO share your projects with us. Members LOVE pictures. If you need help uploading, see the Help section or reach out to us for assistance. Your tractor is important. It is a source of pride among many of us.

* DO consider all the links for technical resources outside our website. Also, we have approved genuine Case Parts vendors online to help complete your project

* DO enjoy all the benefits and features here. There is a vast archive of knowledge here...You won't find this on any other garden tractor website


* Don't...Post anything offensive, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar, or religious/cultural prejudice

* Don't...Post spam, porn, illegal acts

* Don't...Post any tractor / equipment modifications or procedures which could be considered a risk injury, or life threatening

* Don't... Post to other, similar websites by linking to our resources. Much time has been invested to build the CCI site. We're very serious about the copy/paste function to other websites, and those who disrespect our work into building a unique website. See the detailed rules for a full understanding of our policy. Our site is unique because we monitor regularly.

* Don't create conflict. We have a scaled means of punitive actions which can be found in the detailed rules section in the above hotlink, found in the Help/Feedback section, under "Updated Forum Rules (Please Read)". If you can't find it, use the search term, "rules". Our moderators may consult in quorum to determine appropriate actions when necessary..

And finally, DO click on all our features and enjoy the vast amount of knowledge you'll refer to often, and appreciate the hobby addictions many of us have acquired for this outstanding, innovative tractor line. You'll be part of a growing hobby group who really appreciate Case garden tractors.

Best wishes for a great experience, we hope you agree our website is the best!


Your Moderator Team.
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