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WELCOME to the WORKSHOP forum.

This is the spot for members to talk about and also to show the special projects they are thinking about or are in the process of building or have already built.

They are also welcome to discuss shop design, shop construction, shop tools, shop chemicals, shop procedures, material choices, project design or play “What if?”.

Whether it’s painting techniques or a complete custom tractor you are building, no problem. This is the correct forum. If your post is not about one or more of these topics,
then you are in the wrong forum on this site.

We look forward to seeing your ideas become reality.

If you have questions about any aspect that is covered by this forum, please start a new thread. Do not go searching through the archives and piggy-back on an old thread that was started by some other member. If you feel the information in that old thread is significant, then copy the link and paste it into your new thread as a reference. Do not drag old threads out of the archives just because you have something to add to them.

Thank you.

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Not open for further replies.