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This board is where members are invited to discuss the tractors themselves, including the attachments. For the most part, it is an “all-issues” board meant to provide one-stop shopping for members seeking information about any problem they are having with their Colt,Case or Ingersoll tractors aside from actual issues with the engines.

We have separate forums for Onan, Kohler and Vanguard engine problems. However if you have a Colt or Case with a Tecumseh engine, then please feel free to discuss that engine here.

We have three requests of all members.

1. Before asking a question, go to the FAQ's Section in the Technical Library and look there first. Many of the most common issues are covered in far greater detail then you will get by posing a question in this part of the site.

2. Make sure that your topic does not belong in another forum before you post it here. If you post it here and it more rightly belongs elsewhere, then do not be surprised if a Moderator moves it. Each forum has its own READ ME FIRST sticky message so kindly visit all the forums and read them. If we move your post, we always inform you where it can be found.

3. If you have questions about an issue with your tractor, please start a new thread. Do not go searching through the archives and piggy-back on an old thread that was started by some other member. If you feel the information in that old thread is significant, then copy the link and paste it into your new thread as a reference.

Otherwise, please post away and have fun.

Thank you.

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Not open for further replies.