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Rear Discharge Deck Question...

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With all the leaves on the ground, Id like to get my rear discharge deck to mulch better. The leaves are just flying out the back and still quite big. Id like to "powder em" :)
Has anyone tried to install a baffle to close up the discharge a bit? Any other ideas?
Andy :fingerscrossed:
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I know that factory mulching kits (baffles) were made for side discharge decks, can`t check for rear decks as we don`t know the deck model or even what model tractor you have. :wave:
Roy Meglin, maker of Meg Mo blades, told me that the best baffle is one that allows air to circulate out of the deck while holding the leaves in until they are mulched. He recommended making a baffle out of expanded metal with 3/4-1" holes. This is definitely on my to do list but I haven't done it yet so I can't attest to its efficacy.
The only Mulching Kits were made for the side discharge decks that fit on the 4 digit tractors. Neither Case nor Ingersoll ever made a Mulching Kit for the 3 digit models. If the OP has a 3 digit tractor, then his deck is a Model 45. His best bet is to follow Bart's advice and make his own baffle to fit just in front of the discharge chute. Use expanded metal or make your own by using a hole saw mounted in a drill press. Make the baffle so it can be bolted into place and that will allow it to be easily removed when you go back to grass cutting next spring.
Thanks Gentlemen...
I have a 226 and a broken 446 that Im working on
My experience with the rear discharge decks and leaves has a very simple solution.......If you have all your leaves in one area, several passes forward and backwards over them will have them pretty much dust after a few minutes.

The best action is when you mow backwards becase they get thrown straight out the back and then immediately ran over again. It's like a perpetual mowing/mulching machine. Try it, it's very easy to keep all your leaves confined to a small area and you just keep backing over them.
Ill keep that in mind. But I have about 3/4 acre with a LOT OF TREES. They arent confined to one area as they are all over the place. I fashioned a baffle and bolted it on, today I'll see how it goes...
I also have a lot of trees and a lot of experience dealing with the leaves. Mulching will not eliminate the need to gather up the leaves but it will make them more compact.

The rear discharge deck was really designed to make it easy to pick up grass clippings/leaves with a lawn sweeper. With a high volume of leaves you will spend a lot of time dumping the sweeper. A hydravac is in your future.
A little out of place here on the Case/Ingersoll forum, but this is also about the right tool for the job ... true? Professionals are using another tool made really popular in the past few years ...

Commercial quality (just like your Case/Ingersoll ...) leaf blowers can do an awesome job, very fast. For lots up to 1 acre, with lots of trees, I think they are a quite cost effective approach, despite that many people can't get their mind around spending $$$ for a really high quality, capable tool. Sometimes, put in the context of a 'tool opportunity' it really makes sense. IMHO, the little hand held ones, even the good ones, are only really suitable for cleaning out landscaped areas.

Take a look at the specs on a Tanaka TBL7800 ... they can clear a LOT of ground fast. Once cornered, it is easy to pickup, shred, or use a mower to mulch them (such as the rear discharge, backwards). ... e=TBL-7800

List price on that commercial blower is $629 ... we've got access to several dozen, at annual close out pricing of $459 plus S&H (22 pounds) (limited time offer, of course) (sorry, the R throttle configuration models sold out in about 3 weeks ...)

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Brian's point is well-taken. I have a neighbor who I assist in his leave cleanup and his yard is probably about 3/4 acre with many trees. My massive vac system gets the leaves up quickly but I have a problem navigating among and around the trees so I let him use my blower to get the leaves out into the open areas where are more easily sucked up. If you have woods on the perimeter of your property that makes it even easier--just blow them in the woods and you're done. Or, you can blow them into the neighbor's yard when he's not home. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
That's the situation here. I have 360 degree woods around my house with the exception of my driveway. About 7 years ago I purchased a nice backpack blower and it's been great. Small enough to walk behind and between bushes and powerful enough to clear across the lawn quickly. It will literally blow a brick across a parking lot so it takes a bit of finesse in the mulched beds. I start from the house and blow outward all the way around. Once everything is clear it takes 3 minutes to walk the driveway blowing sideways. Done.
Haven't touched a rake or picked up a leaf since I got it - and best of all, it gets rid of all the acorns too.
Thanks guys...I have an old Echo Backpack blower (3 of them actually) I agree that they are the cats meow. I use it to blow the leaves out to where I can mulch them up with the mower, then sweep them up with the pull behind Agri-fab I have. I fashioned a baffle and installed it. It works out great. In fact, I don’t think I am going to bother drilling holes in it. I believe it mulched them up to about 1/4 of what they were... I'll bet if I pick a day when the leaves are drier, it will dust them up even more. I used to have a trac-vac that was awesome, but I just watched it sit around, and tripped up on it all year waiting for a two week window when the leaves fell for it to go to work...I got rid of it, and now a Harley sits in its place. :)
Andy :trink:
Is the result good enough to leave on the ground after a single pass?
Are the results good enough to leave on the ground? Depends.
If the leaves are really dry, then it powders them up pretty good. In fact it powders them up to the point that it bothers my eyes, and at the end of it all, blowing the nose isn't too pretty....
But if they are damp, then sweeping up with a pull behind sweeper keeps things looking neater. But I have made a couple passes, and each successive pass gets everything more compact. I believe either way that they are small enough to disappear by spring...
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