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Rebuild question

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My 1977 case 14hp kohler smokes on start up but you can still smell it even the though you don't actually see it smoking. Next summer I will do a complete rebuild and was wondering how good the Kohlers are about being rebuilt. I don't really want to resleeve the cylinder. I would guess that is pretty rare but I do know the cylinder can loose its shape at the bottom of the cylinder (egg shaped). I have only read one post on here that they had to do a resleeve. But.....I guess I will find out once I do a rebuild. So far I really like my lawn tractor..just needs a little TLC. Thanks Brad
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Black smoke or blueish white smoke? Black smoke - it may just be excess fuel at start-up. Common with these engines from what I hear. Is it fumes from running rich that you smell? Kinda burns the nose and stings the eyes? May just be a carb adjustment. Bluish-white smoke is oil. How much oil does it use? If it consumes a lot and it's not accounted for from leaks(which should be fixed) , then I would say it's time for a rebuild.
A leak down test as described in the Kohler service manual will tell you a lot about the condition of your engine also.
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