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Rebuild Restore a Case

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I'm new to the forum (see the intro forum for more on that). I'm interested in doing a frame up rehab of an older garden tractor. I have a Case 530C wide front utility tractor. It's from the late 1960's. I like the two tone paint and round headlights with the eagle on the front.

I am looking for a tractor to refurbish that can also be used. Not a show tractor, but one to use everyday in the garden and plowing snow, we get a lot in NW Wisconsin.

Also looking for one that would be able to use hydraulics and have a 3 point hitch.

What model, year, version would you suggest? Can you show me photo's of the ones you've redone so I can tell which model is looks like what? (I have looked at the restoration forum here, WOW) Any tips on which Case's (even if it's not the two tone late 60's early 70's version) would be the best for parts availability, cheap initial cost to get, and strength to actually do some work?


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Yeah, what they said,,,, The 444 would be your best choice.
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