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Case and Ingersoll did not use Service Manuals that were specific to individual models per se'. Whether someone owns a 220, 222 224, 226, 442, 444, 446 or 448, all of those tractors are fundamentally the same when it comes to the hydraulic systems, trans-axles, steering, electrical and so forth. On this site, we have pretty much all of the individual Service Bulletins that deal with specific parts of your tractor. Let's say that you need to know more about the travel/lift valve in your tractor or about drive motor of one of the hydraulic cylinders. Just go to our Technical Library/Service Manuals and select the item you need information about. We also have Parts Manuals with exploded diagrams. Use the serial number of your tractor to choose the appropriate PDF to open up. Spend some time looking through those areas and especially the FAQ's. There is an immense amount of information available to you right here, just by reading. That way, you are getting the absolute correct information IMMEDIATELY. If you still have questions after reading the Tech Library, then come back to the appropriate forum and ask. At the top of each forum is Read me first STICKY that explains what topics are permitted in that forum. You are on the Onan engine forum.. Your question (this thread) actually belonged in the main Case, Colt, Ingersoll forum above here. Not a problem. We move posts like this for newcomers all the time.
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