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So I decided that the wiring from the PO was pretty bad - and as I am trying to replace it with a shiny new wiring harness from Brian I am discovering that it was worse than I though - for example the neutral safety wire was jumped across so that it was always a closed circut - this meant I had to remove the switch and solder on a new lead wire. Note to anyone who decides to do this. Just go ahead and pull the oil reservoir it will save you some time.
Anyway aside from the wonder of the PO's butcher job I am a wee bit stumpped by the new harness, I seem to have extra connections.

To make my life easy I color coded the wiring diagram

Now the harness has one set of wires that I am not sure where they go. They have a connector that is an L shape just like connects to the voltage sensor or the strator. Problem comes that the voltage sensor is already connected and if I plug this into the leads for the strator than I will have nothing to connect the other end too. The connectors I am talking about would be in the pink/purple boxes on the diagram above. I seem to have one too many.
What am I missing?
Thank you.

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Based on the PIN of your tractor, and the diagram you posted, I investigated a bit further. The original harness for your tractor is actually sub'd up to the next design level.

I am judging that your tractor does not have a seat safety switch. The C31029 harness you got is in fact set up for the newer tractors, which have an additional little harness running out to the seat mount for a seat safety switch.

I can't recall if open or closed on that circuit is 'operator in the seat' ... but you should just make sure you have the other circuits correctly connected back to their intended sources, and leave this one hanging. Might have to jumper the 2 pins to short across it and emulate the seat switch.

The newer diagram is in your eMail ...

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