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Know as Dangerpepper from Brighton,Michigan. I have a 448-18Hp with 60" deck (Blown rod) . I also

have a 226-16Hp. with 44" deck w/ vacuum attachment. Would like to get the 448 going again.

Have looked into repowering with new motors as well as rebuilt Onans,looking for advice. I know

the original Onan runs opposite direction as most current motors. I rebuilt the 60" deck a few years

ago so there is already fresh money invested there.

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If you're looking to rebuild or have your Onan rebuilt by a professional, you should contact member Boomers_Influence. He's the leading Onan guru in my book.

As far as repowering goes, in my opinion the best option out there is a kit from Jims tractor repair.

Here's the link to his Case repower kit. ... ersoll.htm

There are pro's and con's to each I think. With the Onan you get to keep your factory EZ adjust clutch where with a repower you're going to need an electric clutch.

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A few thoughts on repower. Onans as we know them are no longer available new. Briggs Vanguard twins of 18 or more HP are easily installed and available with adapters to use the stock clutch from several engine suppliers. The Vanguards are modern overhead valve engines and come with a 24 month warranty. They use 5W-30 synthetic engine oil year round and start much easier in winter. Most of the sheet metal on an Onan engine in a Case/Ingersoll is not Onan but Case/Ingersoll supplied. The heat shield that is installed on the rear of the Onan will need to be replicated to suit any other brand of repower engine. On Vanguard repower units for 200/400 series tractors the muffler sits outside on the right hand side of the engine connected to a crossover pipe from each cylinder. The hydraulic pump is mounted on a new bracket as it is on an Onan and some lovejoy coupler changes may be needed due to crankshaft diameter differences.
Throttle and choke cables may need to be replaced and at repower is a good time to replace the throttle lever pivot rivet with a bolt and locknut so you can adjust throttle lever friction.
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