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Based on what's in the ad, that looks to be one of those "rush right over and make a deal on the spot" offerings. The asking price certainly seems reasonable and the tractor looks pretty good. What is intriguing is the mention of a "drag blade". That would imply a rear hitch and where there is a rear hitch, a PTO is often with it.

It's those obtuse words that tell you to get your butt to his house fast because there might be a lot more to this tractor than meets the eye.

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mastifflawyer ,

Thanks for posting the ads you think are interesting, even the ones not in your area.

I live in Oregon, but my parents and brother still live in Richmond, VA. If anything else good pops up out in VA, I could always have them grab it for me.

It is nice to have all our eyes scouting for the tractors.

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