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InTroubleAlltheTime said:
Looks pretty nice. Set up as a ground engaging and snow and dirt moving GT. Tan looks white? They didn't make them like this did they? Subtract $$$ to repaint+decals. Seems with the accessories price is close, if engine checks out. FatBob, this is near you? You could beef up the fleet again........
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
No, Rich, there were never any power white GTs but there should have been IMHO to match the 70,90 and 94 series ag tractors. Someone once told me that Racine and Winneconne management locked horns on this issue back in 1976 and that somehow Winneconne got their way. I would suspect that tractor looks better in pictures as someone evidently did a quick Krylon rebuild before posting it....check out the power red garage floor in the mower deck photo. While cosmetics may be lacking, it still looks like a nice package for someone planning to start a garden patch this spring.
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