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S-84 Snowblower/caster Question

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During the rebuild of my S-84 (the drive has been fixed to work with my 448), I flipped the "cutting edge" on my snowblower. Ever since then, I get snow buildup during removal ops. The snow doesn't get sucked into the housing to be thrown out the chute. When in float, the blower housing is resting on the skids and the lip is in VERY light contact with the ground (skids are holding the weight).

Also, I tried a 1/2 rubber lip under the worn side of the cutting edge, but that didn't do anything.

Does anyone have an idea as to why the snow is building up in front of the machine (so it acts more like a plow) and what the fix may be?
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Thanks Harry.

On mine, when the snow gets in the chute, it flies ... a long way. The performance is nice, when it works. I am going to try and figure out why she does this "push the snow" thing. 6" isn't that much work for my 448 S84 combo, even with the 16 tooth gear. Ive gotten through 18"+ without a problem.

When I had the worn side of the cutting in use (before I flipped it), it did not do this, so I am thinking that extra 1.5" lift may have something to do with the snow accumulating in front of the housing. And you're right, it does it mostly when it is a heavier and wet snow. I'll be experimenting to find a solution.
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The leading edge of the cutting bar is point down. Is it installed wrong?

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@Jancoe, here are pics of my set up:

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It does follow the contour of the underside of the blower housing.
LOL! That was a good one Jancoe! I read this and ran down to the garage thinking "how could I miss that !!". Belt is run correctly, auger spins in the right direction.

The edge in your picture is part of the housing itself, not part of the cutting edge. Mine has the same thing and when the cutting edge is installed properly, the unused edge fits snug in that curve of the housing.
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