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Sandusky Oh C/L guess the model-no pic-60" deck-$1,200

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Pretty vague description in the ad.

Maynard :canada:
You are right, Maynard. The ad is poorly written. If someone isn't familiar with the product line, they would have no idea what was being sold. When I see an ad like this, the first two words that spring to mind are "potential bargain".

I know that this tractor is either a 446 or 448 and it was made in 1980 or later. But if someone is too lazy or inept to create a decent ad for what they are selling, it could be they did not mention that the tractor has options on it, such as a hitch and rear PTO. I'm not saying that the tractor is worth the asking price posted but if you are close, it's often worth the trip to discover what it is that's really on offer.

You never know what you will find and you never know what else may be there. It could well be that the tractor is a POS that is worth only half the asking price but what if it's a low hour unit in near showroom shape that's fully optioned out? Those who are unafraid of being disappointed are the ones who eventually come home with the deals that the rest of you will moan about when he shows you what he got.
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The ad also said Case, not Ingersoll, so that ought to help narrow down the year.
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