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There is most certainly value there but...............a couple things are making some red flags go up.

The grille is painted Sunset and it should be black. It also appears that the headlamps are no longer there.

Some people might say "Big deal, Tom... What's that got to do with anything?"

Well right now, that tractor looks like it is a super clean, well-cared for unit that has spent all of its life stored inside. Those two things IMPLY that someone bought a few rattlecans to put some lipstick on a pig and when you get there, you will quickly see that it is not the pristine example you think it is.

So, all I'm saying is ..... use your eyes and common sense when looking tractors over. Things like overspray, paint on top of dirt, grease and rust tell you that you are not looking at an honest tractor.

Is it worth $1800.00 ?

- one pair cast iron wheel weights $125.00
- rototiller - not pictured - $300.00
- 3 pt hitch $400.00
- F-27 adapter $125.00
- PTO - $175.00

- 1973,4,5 Case 444 - no deck $650.00

On an individually priced basis, it would seem to be a reasonable asking price. Package deals normally sell for less. Local demand for this tractor along with what you find when you get there. Engine condition is very important as is the overall, general appearance under the hood and even under the tractor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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