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As many of you know, this site works closely with Kate, the Editor of LAGT. Today, I received this e-mail from her.

Hey guys-
Our PA scam artist is at it again, this time going under the name Kenny Barcus. His phone and address info is the same.
Again, if someone is asking you to send money via Western Union - don't do it! If the deal is too good to be true - check it out first!
All of this info comes to me from my editor friends at Antique Power/Ertel Publishing. They too asked me to pass it on.
Can you please post this alert on your websites and let the guys know of this situation so we can prevent further damage.

Kate Goelzhauser, Editor
Lawn and Garden Tractor Magazine
Vintage Tractor Digest
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This guy has allegedly burnt several people in the GT community and is currently being investigated by the police. If you need more information, then send me a PM or e-mail.
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