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seeking manual for 3012 and mower deck

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I am new to the forum and I am seeking a manual for my 1991 case 3012 homeowners garden tractor. I tried Ingersoll 3010 but it no longer exists.

I am also seeking a manual for the 44 inch mower deck. particularly what size idlerr spring is required? lost mine, tried a few from hardware store and now breaking belts. too much tension causing rubbing.

thanks in advance for providing me info.

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Hello Elizabeth and welcome to our site.

Try this. ... -59130.pdf

As for your mower deck issue, I suggest that you purchase an OEM spring from our resident Ingersoll dealer, Brian Hildret. If you look at the top right side of this page, you will see "MEMBERS". Click on that. On the very first page, you will find Brian's name at number 11. Click on that and look on the left side for the "Contact" box and then you can click on "email". Brian is very quick at responding. If you wish his phone number, then go to the Library here and click on FAQ's. You will find a file for "Authorized Ingersoll Dealers".

Springs like those are wound to a certain ID (inside dimension), number of coils, style of ends and wire diameter. It is not feasible to try and give you that information even if we had it because it would be a nightmare for anyone to try and source it in the open marketplace. The OEM springs are not cheap but they do last and they do have the correct amount of pull on the belts. Speaking of belts, I hope that you are using high quality belts with Kevlar construction because if not, then you will continue to have grief. Cheap belts won't last. OEM belts are actually the lowest cost belts in the long run.

Any other questions?
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thanks for the info. 2 yrs ago I ordered ECM, belts, blades and bearings from case web store. so, yes, I am using quality belts. thanks for the info on vendor. my local stores no longer carry parts. not willing to buy new mower yet. only 2 more years til I leave the MOW zone. need to make this one last.

again, many thanks.
Here is the manual for your deck. ... marked.pdf

I presume that you are referring to as your former source for parts on-line. Ed closed his site down around 2 years ago. Ed was not affiliated with J. I. Case in any way. He was an authorized Ingersoll dealer. Brian is also an authorized Ingersoll dealer. Case (the corporation) has not supported these tractors since the mid-80's because they sold the outdoor power products division in 1983 to Ingersoll. Brian is your best bet for new parts.

Don't be a stranger Elizabeth. Feel free to come back at any time. We will work with you to keep your tractor going.
Elizabeth,welcome to the forum.
Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
Elizabeth: Welcome to the site, we're glad you joined!!! :usa: :usa: :usa: Please feel at home here, we have a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable membership on the CCI Forum. Look forward to talking on site! :thumbsup:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
hey thanks to everyone who responded.

one more thing, anyone have the user manual for the mower deck?

thanks a bunch. :usa:

Elizabeth. We have the largest collection of manuals in our Library that is on the internet. And that includes this one. ... marked.pdf
thanks again. I just found that while snooping around your forum site. very nice!
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