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Selling a bunch of toys I just don't have time for

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First, Hey guys, it has been a while. Due to all the issues with my families illnesses. I am going to sell my Ingy 448, and the Case 200. The Ingy has the deck, 3 point hitch, sleeve hitch adapter, rear scraper blade, Brindley sleeve hitch turn plow, Sears three point cultivator, 5 HP sleeve hitch rototiller. The old Case 200 is strickly a project with the deck on it, 10 HP kohler. Do you guys think that $1700 for all is a fair price, or put it all on EPay, and let it ride? I know condition is an an issue. The Ingy 448 needs cosmetics, The drive train is good without issues. I don't have time to be on here much, but I will try to check in a little more often. Thanks for all your thoughts, and prayers.
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What years are the tractors?
Fatbob. I am to new here to give any advise on the tractors. I can give you and your family my best and hopes for speedy resolution to your medical issues.
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