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Shopping question

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Can`t help but notice a significant price differential between tractors equipped with B&S Vanguards of 18-21-23 hp. Can`t seem to find specs for this engine family, are they all the same C.I.D. ? If so, where is the diffence in hp ? Compression ? Camshaft ? Rated RPM ?

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The 21 & 23 are the same block construction and 38 CID. The 18's are smaller enginer and 35 CID.

The 21/23's have a much different carb (21/23 is dual bore, 18 single), air cleaner, and muffler package to accommodate the extra HP. Throughout the engine there are major differences in cylinder head, crank, block, etc.

I don't recall the compression spec being different.

Rated speed is all the same ... 3600.

In use, the 18's and 21/23s are different machines ... with the marginal HP for the 23HP mostly noticed when fully loaded up on a hydravac, snow thrower w/PwrStrg, etc.

I too was a little put off initially in Ingersoll's price points for these, until coming to grips with the 21/23's being the larger engine. You can compare almost any Vanguard equipped prices points and they step up at this level.

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Thanks Brian.
Found a site, stroke is the same in all 3 engines, the 21 & 23 have an additional .140 in bore diameter and 2 tenths of a point in additional compression.
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