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Sloppy Steering

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How are you guys fixing sloppy steering? I know you can have the axle machined out and press in some new bushings. But how about a cheap way?
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Sloppy steering and steering issues come from several things.

- pivot pin worn out

- pivot pin holes in frame damaged

- pivot pin hole in axle is oversize

- axle support plates bellied outward

- badly worn tie rod and drag link ends

- worn quadrant gear

- worn quadrant gear pivot pin

- loose quadrant gear pivot pin

- improperly adjusted quadrant gear

- worn pinion gear

- worn steering shaft bushings, top and bottom

Other issues

- bent/twisted front axle

- worn king pins

- worn wheel bearings

- mis-matched front rims

- mis-matched front tires

- improper tire pressures

- toe-in not set properly

- defective front tires

- bent tie rod or bent drag link

- drag link length not set correctly

The axle does not have a bushing in the pivot hole. If it is out of round or oversize, then it needs to be bored true and bushed. You could buy a used axle but you may end up buying the same problem. Repairing what you have is the best choice. So.... do you have a high school that focuses on vocational education? Those often have machine shops and if you go and see the shop teacher with a new pivot pin and bushing in hand along with the stripped axle.... he might allow this to be a shop project.
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