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Snow plowing

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Just got done today plowing about 8 inches of snow with my 444 these things sure are a beast!!
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I like using a plow, it’s fun. But in my area snow is wet and heavy. And the plow won’t do it. Get out of the garage about 10 feet and that’s it. Or if it’s normal snow, no problem plowing, but end up with banks of snow that just makes things worse for the next storm. Snow throwers for me, but allways have a plow to use, if I want. Thats just me.

I have used plows on trucks, skid steers, tractors with loaders and back blades and snowblowers. Of all I prefer blowing as less of my driveway gets relocated and no huge piles to melt. That being said my biggest issue is heavy wet snow I plow as much with my caster as I blow. And this year it's setup as good as ever with paddles to close the gaps, painted with graphite paint, good clutch, belts, etc.... will see what Thursday brings supposed to be heavy and wet.
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