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Snowcaster Chute Control Question

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Hi guys,

This is not a real big problem but the chute direction control rod on my snowcaster always seems to come apart at the worst time. I find myself dancing around (in the wind and snow), trying to reconnect the rod and having to disconnect the hydraulic lift arm to get it back together. It shouldn't be so difficult to attach something that seems to come apart so easily...

Is there any trick or simple mod that I can do to eliminate the issue? I don't think an electric or hydraulic control is in my future, I just would like the OEM set up to work a little better.

Any suggestions, especially simple ones, are appreciated.

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For a quick fix, wrap some duct tape over the connection, or get a short piece of pvc pipe or something stiff that will fit kind of close over the eyes and clamp it on so it can not slide off. The eyes get worn and depending on the angle when you adjust it the eyes come apart.
Is the end of the rod bent at all and allowing both ends to come apart? This is what mine lookslike. There is about 3 hours on this snowcaster so nothing is worn out.

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It is the force of pushing on the rod and the angle it is in while turning make it easier to disconnect them. If you get in the habit of "pulling" on the rod while adjusting they have far less chance of coming apart.
Here is a picture of it. It looks pretty normal to me. I don't see any major bends or wear.

First time with photobucket, we'll see if it works..
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I say put a motor on it. Problem solved
I put a motor on mine to. Works great! I used a power seat belt motor from a 93 Ford Escort. The seat belt motor had a 4 inch long shaft coming out of it that made
it easier to work with than the power window motors I was looking at.
I love the power seat belt motor modification Snot.....maybe next season I will have one of those and a nice cab to mont the control switch too :lolno: :ugeek: :lol:
It's really slick. It takes 2 seconds to hook it up using the quick disconnect ends I soldered on to it.
Trying to blow snow without an electric chute control is like mowing with a push mower (manual). Once you go power you can't go back.
I do like the electric motor modification idea. :thumbsup:

Mine does the same thing.How is it that it comes apart so easily but it's such a bitch to
get it back together?I have learned to PULL on it while turning.
I have a power window motor in the works though. :letitsnow:
Your rod looks like maybe the end loop is open a bit too far. New cranks I have in stock have less than 1/4" opening at the loop ... that is you could not slide 1/4" stock in the opening.

They should really be like one of those little trick rings when you are putting them together ... needs perfect alignment to slip the loops together. I've seen a few older ones that I swear someone opened up ... or maybe they do fatigue and creep over 30 years of use.

Also, lube the coil and chute base. Then while cranking it slowly by hand find any burrs/weld slag etc. that might be hanging it up. It should turn with minimal effort throughout the range. A little hard spot might be where it is jumping out.

I still don't know what model snocaster I have, or if this rod is even original, but I like this setup; it comes apart easily and should stay together fine. In the pics are the original setup, and also the loose parts after refinishing but prior to final reassembly.

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