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Snowcaster down but driveway done!

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Hey guys,

We ended up with 18" or so of wet heavy snow here in CT. On my last long run down the driveway the caster stopped spinning. Luckily the 446 and plow was in the garage ready to take over, so most of the driveway is cleared. I just went out to the garage to see why the caster stopped. I was thinking I picked up a rock but there was no rock. The roll pin was sheared on the large pulley so it is an easy fix. While I am at it I am going to replace the 2 bearings tha go on the drive shaft as are on order. The caster performed flawlessly until the pin broke but I suspect because I pushed it so hard today the Caster did what it was supposed to and the pin sheared to avoid further damage.

More snow on the way for this weekend ! :letitsnow: :winterrules: :letitsnow:
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Hi Tom and group,
Roll pins as installed are subjected to crevice corrosion and will corrode in time. As installed they attract moisture and need to be replaced periodically.
And Bart, I am not the shifty guy that sold Tom the snowblower just the 448!!!
D--n Scottsmen!!! HaHa!!!
Bob MacGregor (Mad Mackie) in CT :sidelaugh: :letitsnow: :winterrules: :mrgreen:
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